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GSoC 2019

Retroshare is supported by Google Summer of Code in 2019.
See the Freifunk projects page for a detailed list of available projects.

Important: If you want to apply, contact us first.

Getting help


If you have any questions about Retroshare, you should always start by reading the Official FAQ.


If you have a question about how to do something in Retroshare, you should:


If you are experimenting problems using Retroshare, you should:

Ask a question

If this is not enough, ask a question. For that, you need to get information and prepare a report for people to help you.
Our wiki will help you to do it.

Then you can ask your question on:


A Generic Distribution System for Friend to Friend Networks
C.Soler. Research Report.


Our Web forums can help you find answers to your questions or problems. Please check that your question has not yet been answered before asking.

Retroshare Wiki

The Retroshare Wiki is at

The Wiki is a website that anyone can change. Its goal is to document all that is not in the official documentation: tips and tricks for each O.S., and other things...

Blog & Twitter

You will find many detailed writeups about the workings of Retroshare in the developer team blog.

You can ask questions on Twitter, too.

Developers and reporting bugs


You are a developer and you want to help the project or build a project around our software?

You can find info on the Developer's corner. You should also use the developers mailing-lists and Retroshare.

Report a bug

Read and conform yourself to our Reporting Bugs policy and look on our Bug tracker.

Contacting the team

If your matter is not answered yet, and you need to contact the team, do it by mail.

Please use the RS PGP key for contacting us:

We have a lot of spam and lots of e-mail, be sure to state in the subject that you want to speak about Retroshare. Try to not write HTML mails, thanks.

The Retroshare Team


Lead Developer


Web Developer

Past Developers

Plugins Gui / Connect Friend Wizard



Developed on File Transfer

Developed TLV Serialiser and GXS - General Exchange System

Developed Search/Channel features

Developed Smiley, Skinobject, Chat Skin

Developed XProgressBar